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two people looking to a screen in an offshore contact center
two people looking to a screen in an offshore contact center

Call center or full-service customer experience center

Customer contact centers have come a long way. In the beginning, call centers were very KPI-driven and simply handling phone interactions. This has changed completely over the past decades due the rise in communications channels, new business insights in customer service and the possibilities of new technology. Modern-day contact centers such as WEngage employ specialised customer interaction experts who support the entire customer journey, using a variety of communication channels while following certified procedures.

Call centers have evolved into full-service customer experience centers (although we still call them call centers)  that create authentic customer experiences throughout the entire customer journey. From customer selection (lead generation & data enrichment), to customer acquisition (telesales & easy appointment setting) through customer care (customer support & technical helpdesks) all the way till customer engagement (upselling and cross-selling & welcome and nursing call) and even customer retention (retention & win-back). Read more about these customer contact solutions below.

Customer experience centers support organisations and create professional and positive interactions between the brand and its clients.

Advantages of working with a professional contact center

When partnering up with a customer experience expert like WEngage, you don’t need to worry about developing and managing your own customer service department in-house.

Outsourcing customer contact allows organisations to enjoy cost efficiency, a variable cost structure and investment avoidance.

Your customer contact interactions are handled with the utmost care by our specifically trained customer interaction experts, each skilled in their own field of expertise from customer acquisition to win-back actions. Modern contact centers also deploy future-proof technology, not only in terms of interaction dispatching to various platforms, but the contact tools also centralise information in a transparent way. This enables the customer service experts to keep track of the entire history of the connection with the customer, no matter which communication channel is used.

WEngage takes care of staff training and wellbeing. Because only happy, caring people can deliver authentic customer experiences. Services are scalable, so the number of staff evolves seamlessly with your needs. That way you can focus on your core business.

A professional customer experience center also has secure and certified processes in place, as it deals with personal data of your customers. WEngage is ISO 18295-certified (The Netherlands), guaranteeing quality and service processes focused on your customers. Its state-of-the-art data centers are ISO 27001-certified (DCstar Data Center), the standard for information security management in line with GDPR standards. WEngage also complies with FSMA regulations. Last but not least, we pay a lot of attention to sustainability, integrity and inclusivity.

Thanks to the innovative centralised contact-center platform that is used, you, as a client,  can monitor all contacts and queries. The system allows detailed reporting according to the chosen KPIs, so you clearly see the results.

A professional customer experience center such as WEngage offers proactive solutions that not only meet but also exceed customers’ expectations. This significantly increases your customer satisfaction, NPS or sales results without the hassle of creating this from scratch.

An international approach

In a Europe without borders, a lot of business happens internationally. So why would you not expand your business into other countries? Working with an international call center as WEngage, you have access to a whole lot of new markets.

WEngage offers services in over  16 languages and knows the culture of the people who speak those languages. This is essential to understand your customers and to be able to help them efficiently.

The advantage of working with a multilingual callcenter for different markets,is that you are sure that the same high standards are applied consistently across borders. WEngage’s international network also brings onshore, nearshore and offshore customer care solutions within your reach.

Let’s zoom in on the different customer experience services.

1. Customer selection

Before you can reach out to new customers, you need to select your target group based on well-defined customer selection criteria and gain market insights. Customer selection experts help enrich your databases with valuable information. The specialised team can also conduct targeted audience surveys and provide new qualified leads. Beyond lead generation and valuable insights, this also expands your prospect base and enhances your sales results.

1.1 Lead generation

When searching for new leads to boost your sales, you don’t want to approach just anyone and everyone. Our lead generation team can help you target your efforts through a lead generation funnel towards the most promising prospects for your products or services. 

Lead generation specialists use your data to develop a lead strategy and identify individuals who may be interested in what your brand has to offer. Those business leads with high purchase intent can be directly forwarded to your sales team. By working with larger data volumes and high-quality data on an ongoing basis, the success rate increases exponentially.

As a result, WEngage provides you with a comprehensive list of interested prospects and their contact information. Additionally, WEngage can also offer customer acquisition services to manage the entire sales process, from your database to direct sales.

1.2 Data enrichment

An outdated or incomplete prospect database leads to high email bounce rates and ineffective campaigns. But there is a prospect data solution for these inefficiencies and unnecessary costs. A customer contact center enriches your database with accurate and complete information.

The call center team reaches out to your B2C/B2B clients and prospects database to check if their contact details are correct according to your data model and fills any gaps with additional information. This ensures that your prospect database is up-to-date and reliable.

Effective data management is crucial for making informed decisions and taking successful actions such as customer acquisition or telesales. With accurate data, you don’t waste time and resources.

Data enrichment allows you to connect with your clients and prospects smoothly and efficiently, making the most of your business opportunities.
two smiling people with a laptop in a technical helpdesk

2. Customer acquisition

You want to turn your potential customer into a new customer. Customer experience centers develop a customer acquisition strategy for you with effective sales solutions. Motivated and skilled sales advisors take care of the entire sales process, from the start to the end, to enhance your sales and generate more revenue.

A customer contact center such as WEngage can handle your entire sales campaign for you according to a customer acquisition funnel, or they can contact your leads to schedule appointments for your sales reps, allowing your sales team to focus on negotiating deals with the right audience.

When you partner with an experienced customer service center, you can reap the benefits of a more successful sales campaign without the hassle of managing it yourself. 

Advanced customer acquisition takes your sales to the next level and turns your leads into lifelong clients.

2.1 Telesales

With the help of a telesales callcenter, you can boost the sales of your B2C products or services, or improve your B2B telemarketing, so that you don’t need to search for resources or expertise to do it yourself. You simply delegate this task to a trusted telemarketing partner with extensive experience in direct marketing, allowing you to concentrate on your core business operations.

WEngage offers a comprehensive range of telesales services and outbound telemarketing solutions designed to help you achieve your sales goals. Skilled telesales agents will contact the individuals listed on your existing prospect database and present them with a compelling offer that they can’t resist.

By working with a telesales callcenter, you can effortlessly expand your telemarketing on a larger scale without the need for additional internal resources or training. Callcenters also offer flexible working hours to meet your specific business needs, ensuring that your telemarketing targets are met efficiently and effectively.

2.2 Appointment setting

Your sales team’s valuable time should be spent promoting your products or services to decision makers in your market segment, rather than scheduling appointments.

Customer service centers specialise in appointment setting for larger volumes. Experienced contact advisors screen the contacts in your database and schedule high-quality appointments in both B2C and B2B markets, enabling your sales team to immediately connect with the right people.

If desired, the appointments can even be scheduled directly into the calendars of your sales reps, allowing them to focus on delivering an effective sales pitch and interacting with your end-clients.

Modern contact centers such as WEngage provide you daily reports on the number of appointments set and give you proactive advice to reach the best possible results within your budget.

3. Customer care

To achieve success in your business and differentiate yourself, it’s crucial to prioritise your customers’ satisfaction, often expressed by many sub-KPI’s, which in turn is linked to the net promotor score or NPS. Customer care centers support your customers’ needs, from order-taking to troubleshooting, and provide both first and second-line support. They can also provide technical assistance whenever required, day and night.

Caring is the essence of customer support.

3.1 Customer support

Ensuring high customer satisfaction, a positive customer experience and a high NPS (net promotor score) requires customer care before, during and after a sale. Customer support centers provide comprehensive inbound and outbound customer care services, including troubleshooting, order-taking, answering customer queries and providing an online helpdesk for both first and second-line support.

WEngage has extensive knowledge and experience to handle all aspects of customer support needs. Additionally, the international approach of WEngage and its onshore, near-shore, and offshore capabilities in multiple languages are created to suit your specific customer care requirements.

When you leave your customer care needs to customer contact experts, you can focus on reaping the rewards of a smooth customer journey. Your brand’s reputation is heavily influenced by the customer experience you provide, which in turn determines their likelihood to purchase from you again and recommend your services to others.

Investing in your customers’ satisfaction is an investment in the future success of your organisation.

3.2 Technical helpdesk

Perfection is unattainable, and sometimes issues may arise with your products or services, leading to confusion or frustration among users. Luckily, technical support callcenters as WEngage can turn these problems into opportunities for you.

The technical support team of WEngage provides reliable technical support to manage and address any technical issues. It has a ton of experience in handling complex product and service inquiries. The contact advisors are skilled in assisting both your customers and your technical employees in resolving any problems promptly and effectively, online or by any other interaction channel.

By entrusting a customer care center with your technical support needs, you can guarantee your customers’ satisfaction, even in the face of a challenge. The technical support team offers quick, clear and empathetic solutions to any issues that may arise, minimising any negative impact on the customer experience. In addition, it also provides online technical support for your on-site technical staff to reduce downtime and costs, ensuring a seamless and efficient resolution of any technical issues.

women with a microphone while telesales

4. Customer engagement

The first impression you make on a customer is crucial, and it’s essential to make it a positive one. WEngage understands the value of driving customer loyalty and customer satisfaction, strengthening bonds and promoting repeat purchases.

To achieve this, customer interaction centers go the extra mile to express gratitude to new customers for placing their trust in your brand. Customer engagement specialists offer the customers exclusive deals tailored to their specific needs, further enhancing their customer satisfaction with your services. By doing so, these customer engagement centers do not only increase your return per customer but also foster a deeper sense of customer loyalty and satisfaction. 

Every interaction with a customer is an opportunity to build a lasting relationship, and customer care centers help to make every interaction count.

4.1 Up-& cross-selling

After successfully winning over your customers with your offer, it’s time to take the next step and fulfil even more of their needs. Customer contact centers can help you achieve this by triggering extra sales.

Contact experts contact your B2B or B2C customers to promote products, services or upgrades that are tailored to their specific needs, further enhancing their satisfaction with your brand. By presenting them with new offerings that complement their existing purchases (upselling or cross-selling), they help optimise your return on investment and increase customer loyalty.

By surprising your satisfied customers with offerings that meet their needs even better, you can boost new sales and overall customer satisfaction. WEngage believes in maximising the potential of every customer relationship to help you achieve long-term success thanks to upselling and cross-selling.

4.2 Welcome and nursing calls

You never get a second chance to make a good first impression. Customer experience centers understand the importance of wowing new customers with a personal touch. But it is also important to show appreciation to your existing loyal customers. 

There is a whole range of services designed to make your customers feel appreciated. Engagement specialists welcome your customers, express gratitude for their trust in your brand, and inquire about their satisfaction with your services. By doing so, they gather valuable feedback that can help you improve your offerings and foster deeper customer relationships.

By taking the time to welcome and nurse your customers, you can demonstrate your commitment to their satisfaction and build a positive reputation for your brand. These efforts lead to stronger customer loyalty and an enhanced reputation, ultimately driving long-term success for your business. WEngage believes that every interaction with a customer is an opportunity to make a lasting impression, and we help you to make it a positive one.

5. Customer retention

Your customers are the lifeblood of your business, and losing them can be costly. That’s why customer experience centers offer a range of services designed to help you retain customers who are at risk of leaving or have already left.

5.1 Retention

Specialised customer retention specialists contact these customers to understand the reasons behind their decision and work to address any concerns they may have. By doing so, clients can be enticed back to your business.

Furthermore, the feedback gathered from these interactions helps to improve your offer and to address any shortcomings that cause dissatisfaction. By continually refining and enhancing your products or services, you can better meet the needs and expectations of your customers, ultimately driving increased loyalty and revenue.

WEngage believes in the power of proactive customer engagement to help you achieve your business goals. By taking steps to retain customers who may be at risk of leaving, you secure your business’s long-term success and build a reputation as a brand that cares about its customers.

Customer retention specialists are trained to boost customer loyalty and customer engagement, so that you create a customer relation that lasts.

5.2 Win-back

The battle for customers is never-ending, especially in competitive markets. While you may lose some customers along the way, winning them back can be just as important as acquiring new ones.

Winning back customers requires more than just a better offer. Skilled contact advisors develop a win-back strategy and use empathy, active listening and persuasive communication to establish a positive rapport with your former customers. By highlighting the benefits of your products or services and addressing any concerns they may have had in the past, they aim to rekindle their interest in your brand. And, of course, they sweeten the deal with a unique offer depending on your requirements

A win-back strategy does not only help to bring former customers back, it also shows that you value their business and are committed to providing them with the best possible service.

By understanding the reasons why customers may have left in the first place, you can also make improvements to your products or services to better meet their needs and prevent unhappy customers in the future.
two people looking to a screen in a overflow call center

6. Innovative contact tools and technology

Modern customer experience centers use cutting-edge contact centre technology to support the connections between you and your customers and prospects. When the advanced contact center technology is managed in house, as is the case for WEngage, you get an innovative partner driven by technological innovation that thinks with you and gives you transparent insights in the performance and results of your project. Here is an overview of the tools we use.

  • Genesys Pure Connect is a dedicated contact center platform in the cloud. It streamlines the connection between the end-customers and the customer care experts through a variety of communication channels. It also offers many transparent reporting options.
  • An Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system helps classify incoming interactions based on selection menus (keypad selection or speech recognition) and redirects the caller to the right service.
  • Smart Routing on the customer interaction platform connects the customer to the advisor with the best skills for the interaction.

To make rational decisions, it is crucial to monitor your customer satisfaction, customer experience and net promoter score (NPS). You can trigger surveys by specific events.

  • PowerBI is a smart tool that converts data into tailor-made reports, so that you receive clear reports and graphs on daily and cumulative performance and you can closely follow up on your projects’ results.
  • Data is precious and sensitive. That is why WEngage exclusively uses European data centres with state-of-the-art data security and compliance with information security standards, including ISO 27001 certification (DCstar Data Center).
  • As a customer experience center, we increasingly use AI solutions, ranging from speech-to-text, voice analytics, text classification and recognition, to natural language processing. These innovative digital tools largely automate standard customer interactions.
  • Conversational AI cloud solutions (chat), in combination with chatbots, offer an alternative for live contacts, reducing costs and providing 24/7 customer service solutions. Good customer service depends on its (immediate) availability to the customer.
  • By using cutting-edge video calling kiosks, an alternative for traditional reception and retail environments, you can increase customer satisfaction and your employees’ on-site availability.
  • With Robotic Process Automation (RPA), WEngage builds and deploys software robots to execute all kinds of standard customer interactions. This lowers the average handling time, meaning a faster answer for your customers.

7. Adapted communication channels

Choose the communication channels of your target audience. WEngage can integrate all communication channels that fit to your optichannel strategy.

  • Voice still is the most popular communication channel, but new technology such as speech analytics enhance results and improve reporting.
  • Text messaging is effective for one-way information or two-way customer engagement. It has proven successful in outbound push campaigns and to improve your transactional net promoter score (tNPS).
  • Email is often preferred by on-the-go customers. It is a cost-effective and simple solution that can be integrated with the latest customer engagement innovations.
  • Instant messaging is fast-growing and popular among online shoppers. Live and asynchronous messaging in multiple languages can be combined with a chatbot. Use the platforms that are most popular in your market (e.g. WhatsApp, Messenger).
  • Social media is vital for any company nowadays. WEngage offers continuous monitoring of your keywords and responds proactively and positively to conversations about your brand.
  • Self-service has become the standard option preceding most phone interactions. It allows customers to quickly choose the service they are looking for.

Short summary

It is clear that customer experience centers are so much more than regular call centers. By combining people, technology and the right processes, customer experience centers are able to support organisations in their work, and at the same time add real value and insights. This helps organisations not just in an operational, but also in a tactical and strategic way. Together, we enable companies to truly put the customer at the heart of their business.

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