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Up- and cross-selling

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You have managed to win over your existing customers with your offer. Then it’s time to take the next step to satisfy even more of your customers’ needs.

WEtrigger more sales

WEngage contacts your B2B or B2C customers to promote your products, services or upgrades that meet their needs even better.

So YOU optimise return on investment

By surprising satisfied customers with products and services that meet their needs even better or work in a complementary way, you increase your returns and customer satisfaction.

Successful examples of up & cross-selling

A chain that sells IT equipment naturally includes the suggestion in its webshop to also buy a printer along with a laptop. Ink cartridges are also recommended for a printer, etc. At the start of the new academic year, the IT player wanted to put extra effort into cross-selling by personally calling recent customers.

  • WEngage employees are specialised in soft sales techniques. They called all PC buyers to offer them a printer package including ink cartridges at a bargain price. The professional approach of the employees made this offer seem like a welcome opportunity, rather than an aggressive sales strategy. This is how WEngage makes the difference in your sales figures.

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