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Customer retention


You want a good customer connection to last as long as possible. So how do you convince customers who are leaving to stay? WEmake your customers reconsider WEngage contacts your leaving customers to find out why they want to move on and convince them to stay. We not only do this with a unique offer, […]

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The battle for customers, especially in competitive markets, is endless. You win some, and you lose some. But how do you win back former customers? WEconvince your former customers Convincing customers to return to your brand usually requires more than just a better offer. It also involves empathy, listening and argumentation skills. Our advisors first […]

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Your customers keep your business running, so you don’t want to lose them. WEngage contacts customers that are leaving or have left to find out why and make sure your customers stay on board or convince them to come back. Moreover, based on the feedback collected, you can remediate your offer.

What exactly is customer retention?

Customer retention is all about customer loyalty: keeping existing customers on board. This way, loyal customers will buy from your company again when they have to choose among similar offers in the future, because they know your brand and are satisfied with it. To retain your customers, you need to build a positive relationship between your brand and your existing customers.

Customer retention is important for established brands, in order not to lose market share.

WEngage offers support for the entire customer journey. We also offer services to pamper existing customers so they stay with your brand. But we also have specialised employees who can convince customers who are about to leave to give your company another chance.

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