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You want a good customer connection to last as long as possible. So how do you convince customers who are leaving to stay?

WEmake your customers reconsider

WEngage contacts your leaving customers to find out why they want to move on and convince them to stay. We not only do this with a unique offer, but also with the aid of skilled advisors who are trained in empathic and argumentation skills.

So YOU can continue to grow

Thanks to our efforts, you improve your customer retention. But more importantly, you get insights into the reasons why certain customers are unhappy with your products or services, which you can use to rework your offer.

Successful examples of customer retention

Customers choose with their feet, or with a simple click. An online store saw a decrease in orders. Clearly something was wrong. Why would customers drop out at an above-average rate? That was fodder for further research.

  • WEngage contacted webshop customers who had previously ordered regularly (at least 4 times a year) but who had not ordered anything in the last 6 months. The employees diplomatically asked why they had not ordered anything in the past six months. At the same time, they asked customers what would make the webshop even more attractive to them. This provided valuable input to make the webshop more user-friendly.

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