Our Responsibility

WEngage ourselves, not only to maintain certified and secure working procedures, but we also invest in specific initiatives for our people, society and the planet. We offer an inclusive workplace with attention for our unique employees, but we also make sure that our actions contribute to a more cohesive society and sustainability. We take action on our own initiative, but we also look for partnerships with key organisations to help make a difference.

WEngage in certified processes

Our sector is constantly evolving. We have secure and certified business processes in place that allow us to act consistently and to adapt ourselves flexibly to every situation.

ISO 18295

WEngage is one of the first contact centres in the Benelux that meets the global quality standard for contact centres. The ISO 18295 standard puts the primary focus on the customer and service provision: what does the customer notice about the organisation's quality, service level and customer focus? It also addresses data protection, employability, monitoring, continuity and customer privacy. With ISO 18295, WEngage demonstrates that it has the right processes in place.

ISO 27001

Data & data protection are increasingly important topics. That is why we work with state-of-the-art data centres that are ISO 27001 certified, the standard for information security management. This way, WEngage guarantees the continuity of its services with respect for privacy regulations. All data remains in Europe and we strictly follow GPO regulations.


As an FSMA-certified organisation, we guarantee a professional service and proper treatment of financial consumers and comply to regulations. This means we provide accurate and complete information to clients with projects in the banking and/or insurance sector.

WEngage with our people

The wellbeing of all of our colleagues is crucial in our organisation. 

We truly believe that happier people achieve better results and create synergies. That is why we strive to create the best possible working conditions for our employees. This improves the job satisfaction of our employees, the customer experience of the end-customers and the satisfaction of our partners.

That is why we are a Great Place To Work and a Top Employer.

We also apply an equal rights policy in our organisation. Commitment and motivation deserve appreciation and promotion, regardless of professional history, age, education, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression or sex characteristics. We believe in our people!

That is why we invest in continuous learning and training, not only to develop job-specific skills, but also general skills that broaden the horizon of our colleagues. As flexibility is one of our core values, we offer a wide array of work schedules and home working opportunities to keep a good work-life balance.

Great Place To Work

WEngage received this recognition for being a good employer and having a people-oriented working culture. Great Place To Work examines the level of trust, pride and pleasure within organisations. This is based on the results of employee surveys and an analysis of the organisational culture. Great Place To Work encourages organisations to put people first and to give even more people the opportunity to work for a great employer.

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Top Employer

Besides a Great Place To Work, we are also a certified Top Employer. This certification highlights our commitment to a better professional world through high-impact HR policies and people practices. This certification rewards how we address the challenges of the changing professional world and strive for a positive impact on the lives of our employees. Thanks to the cooperation, commitment and motivation of our employees, WEngage continues to grow. WEngage scored positively on the HR Best Practices Survey, an evaluation with more than 100 questions about 600 practices within 6 HR domains. The topics covered include People Strategy, Work Environment, Talent Acquisition, Learning, Well-being, Diversity, … The feedback from the Top Employers Institute provides us with input to further strengthen our staff development policy. This helps us prepare our employees for future challenges.

ESF Training

Together with ESF, we train our staff to develop 21st century digital work skills. Our colleagues come to master modern technologies and tools that they can use in their job, but also in their personal life.

ILGA Europe

We believe in a world where everybody can enjoy dignity, freedom and human rights regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression and sex characteristics. That is why we are an official supporting partner of ILGA Europe. This organisation drives positive political, legal and social change for the LGBTI community. We are committed to maintaining a positive and inclusive working culture.

WEngage with society

We build synergies with local and international communities. That is why we offer our services to different social projects to help make a positive change and create a better future for everyone.

Social Projects

As integrity is one of our core values, we contribute to projects that help the society, locally and abroad. In the last couple of years, we have supported numerous social initiatives with our specific expertise in the field of communication. We also cooperated with local schools to help raise awareness for specific causes, and at the same time, let them get acquainted with our sector. We contributed for instance to: Rode Neuzen Dag (Belgium), Oekraïne 12-12 (Belgium), Free a Girl (The Netherlands), …

WEngage with our planet

Integrity is a core value in our organisation. It shapes the customer experience we provide in a unique way. We are one of the first customer experience centres to invest in sustainability on such a large scale. 

We are aware of our impact on the environment. That is why we take action in our offices: using reusable water bottles and digital business cards, printing restrictions, advanced waste management, homeworking, bike allowances and offices close to public transport stops. But we also invest in projects for a greener climate. Besides preserving nature, these projects also increase awareness amongst our colleagues.

Because of our focus on sustainability, we are an Ecovadis Bronze Certified Company.


As a bronze certified Ecovadis company, we perform well on 21 indicators ranging from environment, labour & human rights, to ethical & sustainable procurement. This shows our daily efforts to become more sustainable.

Trees for All

Together with Trees for All, we plant 2,500 trees / year in reforestation projects. Forests are important for biodiversity and create a healthier climate and better living conditions. Trees produce oxygen and store carbon. With 10 trees absorbing approximately 1 ton of CO₂ over 50 years, our annual contribution helps store 250 tons of CO₂ over the lifetime of the forest.

Certificate 2022