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Lead generation

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You have amazing products or services, but you are (still) looking for new leads to increase your sales results. You don’t want to blindly reach out to anyone and everyone, but you would like to target your efforts to promising prospects.

WEgenerate qualified leads

Based on your data, we figure out if people are potentially interested in your brand’s products or services. We can even transfer people with high purchase intention directly to your sales team. The success of lead generation rises exponentially when we work with bigger volumes and qualitative data in a continuous way.

So YOU can target better

The fruits of our labour? A complete list of interested prospects and their contact details for your sales team to use to increase your sales figures. You can also link this to our customer acquisition services, so we take over the entire process, ranging from your database to making the sales directly.

Successful examples of lead generation

Two transport companies that were focused on different sectors merged. So therefore, the files with prospects also had to be merged. There were many duplicates and the merger made it no longer clear which potential customers were interested in which type of transport services.

  • The marketing manager sought the help of WEngage to contact the prospects and assess their interest. In addition, it was also noted for which types of transport they rely on external transport companies. Using this information, the marketing team launched a campaign tailored to the most promising contacts. This personalised approach helped the company attract many new customers.

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