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Tools & Technology

Our experienced advisors create even better connections with your customers and prospects with the help of cutting-edge contact centre technology. Thanks to our tools, our customer service experts have access to cross-platform information on the customer. And you keep a clear overview of our performance and your results. Virtually all our technology is managed by our in-house IT team.

Genesys PureConnect

Genesys Pure Connect

We use this state-of-the-art contact centre platform in the cloud to streamline our connections with your customers, regardless of the communication channels they have used. This system routes incoming communication to the advisor with the right skills and can match customer profiles to specific contact advisors. It seamlessly integrates different communication channels and offers plenty of transparent reporting options.

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This intelligent tool converts data into tailor-made reports that are created by our team, so you receive clear reports and graphs on our daily and cumulative performance. This way, you can closely follow up on your projects' results and present them within your organisation.

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Secure data centres

Your data is precious. That’s why we exclusively use European data centres with state-of-the-art data security and respect for the European privacy rules. Our data centres are ISO 27001 certified (DCstar Data Centre) and comply with information security standards. Our data protection officer makes sure only the right people get access to the specific data they need. The enhanced security also guarantees the continuity of the services.

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Artificial intelligence

We offer a wide array of immediately deployable AI solutions ranging from speech-to-text, voice analytics, text classification & recognition, to natural language processing. This way, we can automate standard customer interactions and leverage the capabilities of our customer service professionals with the power of innovative digital tools.

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Chat and / or Chatbot

Conversational AI cloud solutions, in combination with chatbots, offer an alternative for live contacts, reducing costs and providing 24/7 customer service solutions. Together with statistic web forms, you get increased insights in the online behaviour of the visitor on your pages and boost sales conversion. Because good customer service depends on its (immediate) availability to the customer.

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Video calling 2.0

By using cutting-edge video calling kiosks in combination with our advanced reporting platform, you can make use of an alternative to traditional reception and retail environments. Video calling meets the business need of your contact, but also increases customer satisfaction and your employees’ on-site availability.

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Text-to-Speech & speech-to-text

Supported by our extensive experience in digital customer interaction technologies we can apply powerful speech-to-text and text-to-speech technology. This allows us to capture useful data, make interesting reports and reveal usefil insights about your customer interaction processes. In combination with artificial intelligence we are able to automate standard interactions allowing our employees to focus on complex interactions.

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Smart Routing

Smart Routing is implemented on our customer interaction platform allowing us to route different type of interactions or different type of customers’ needs or questions to the advisor with the best skills for these specific kind of interactions. This way we ensure that a customer gets a response from the right expert and at the same time increases the job satisfaction of our employees dealing with their preferred type of interactions.

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RPA or Robotic Process Automation allows WEngage to easily build and deploy software robots that execute all kind of standard customer interactions. By making use of this technology we do not only increase our employee experience but also lower our average handling time meaning a faster answer for your customer.

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IVR or Interactive Voice Response is an automated phone system technology that allows the classification of incoming interactions based on the topic of the customer. These selection menu’s can be set up in different forms through keypad selection or speech recognition allowing the caller to make a choice and to be redirected to the right service. A good IVR allows you to manage interaction volumes and shorten waiting times for your customers.

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Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Measuring and data is the base of making rational decisions. That is why it is important to continuously monitor your customer satisfaction, customer experience and net promotor score. These surveys can be triggered by certain events and executed through different type of communication channels allowing you to get a complete overview of your customers’ satisfaction. By using Transactional NPS you also capture the customer loyalty and advocacy based on the experience they had during a specific interaction.

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Automated calls & voice menus

Being able to automate specific calls and or voice menu’s triggered by certain conditions, we are able to optimise your customer interaction processes and getting an even better and faster response from your clients. This means more time to focus on complex interactions.