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Communication Channels

Different situations call for different forms of communication channels. Customers use the communication channel of their preference to reach out to you and expect that you have a complete overview of all these interactions. Our solutions can be executed through a range of different communication channels. Our solutions therefore integrate various communication channels that fit within your optichannel strategy.

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Phone calls remain the most popular communication channel among customers. However, we have added new features, such as speech analytics, to enhance results and improve reporting. With a telephone conversation, you create a personalised relationship between your brand and your customer.

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Text messages

Text messaging is an effective and convenient solution for one-way information or two-way customer engagement. It has proven successful in outbound push campaigns and in improving your transactional net promoter score (tNPS). With a text message, your communication ends up directly in your contact's pocket.

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As one of the first non-voice communication channels, emailing is the preferred route for on-the-go customers. This cost-effective and simple solution can be integrated with our latest customer engagement innovations. Emails allow you to send large amounts of clearly structured information to your contacts.

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Instant messaging

This fast-growing channel is popular among online shoppers. Instant and asynchronous messaging can happen live in multiple languages and make use of different platforms such as WhatsApp, or can be combined with a chatbot. With a chat function on your website, you can immediately help your prospects and customers.

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Social media

Nowadays, social media is a vital communication channel for any business. We offer continuous monitoring of your keywords and respond proactively and positively to conversations about your brand. This way, we keep a finger on the pulse of your company's online reputation.

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Self-service has become the default option preceding most telephone interactions. It allows customers to quickly select the services they are looking for. With self-service, you professionalise your services and we effectively route every question to the right employee.