Customer engagement

You only get one chance to leave a good first impression. WEngage helps drive customer loyalty, bonding and additional purchases. We go the extra mile to thank your (new) customers for their trust in your brand and offer them exclusive deals that meet their needs even better. This not only increases your return per customer, but also customer satisfaction.

Up- and cross-selling

You have managed to win over your existing customers with your offer. Then it’s time to take the next step to satisfy even more of your customers’ needs.

WEtrigger more sales

WEngage contacts your B2B or B2C customers to promote your products, services or upgrades that meet their needs even better.

So YOU optimise return on investment

By surprising satisfied customers with products and services that meet their needs even better or work in a complementary way, you increase your returns and customer satisfaction.

Welcome & nursing calls

You don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression. Wow your new customers with a personal welcome. But don’t forget to pamper your faithful customers either.

WEmake your customers feel appreciated

WEngage calls your customers to welcome them, to thank them for their trust or to check if everything has gone according to their wishes. In the process, we collect any feedback they might have.

So YOU boost your reputation

Welcome and nursing calls show that you care about your customers, leaving them with a positive feeling about your brand and strengthening customer loyalty.

Loyalty actions

Satisfied customers are your most powerful sales tool. They generate word-of-mouth publicity for you. So, how do you keep your clients loyal to your brand?


WEgenerate loyal ambassadors

We contact your customers to thank them for their loyalty and, whenever possible, offer them an exclusive promotion (possibly combined with a contract renewal).


So YOU reach better results

This helps you retain confirmed clients and stimulate repeat purchases or contract renewals. It is easier to sell to satisfied customers than to have to find new ones.