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Database enrichment

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Is the data in your contact database outdated or incomplete? You’ll notice more and more emails bounce or campaigns not reaching the right people. This is inefficient and costly.

WEcomplete your database

We contact the people in your customer and / or prospect database (B2C / B2B) to check if their details are still correct, complete gaps or collect extra information.

So YOU get through

An up-to-date database is essential for creating successful actions and decisions. This way you don’t waste time and resources due to incorrect data. You can connect smoothly and efficiently to your clients / prospects and you have the correct information you need.

Successful examples of database enrichment

An NGO organised a petition for charity. The employees took to the streets to collect signatures (and telephone numbers and email addresses). The signatories could also indicate whether the organisation could contact them about future actions. But much of the data was not clearly legible, and the NGO also wanted to know which region the signatories came from, in order to invite them to local actions.

  • WEngage knew just what to do. They called those signatories who had given permission, to check whether the contact details were correct. At the same time, they also asked for the postal code of their place of residence. A few days later, the organisation had a corrected contact list with potential supporters per location. Indispensable for their future actions.

Times are changing. A medical institution recently decided to diversify their communication, which was mainly done by telephone or letter. Nowadays everyone uses WhatsApp or other messaging channels to communicate. The problem was that the institution did not have the WhatsApp or messenger data of their patients and family members.

  • The institution hired WEngage to call the patients and their families and add their possible alternative communication channels to the CRM programme. The employees simultaneously checked whether the other contact details were still correct and which channel they preferred. This way, all information is up-to-date and appointments will from now on be confirmed (and a reminder sent) via the preferred channel, thus leading to far fewer missed appointments.


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