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Your sales team should be promoting your products or services to decision makers in your market segment, instead of spending time making appointments.

WEmanage your appointments

As a specialist in bigger volumes, WEngage helps your sales team to connect with the right people. Our qualified advisors screen the contacts from your database and make qualitative appointments, both in B2C and B2B markets.

So YOU can close the deal

You receive a daily report on the number of appointments made and if requested we can even schedule these directly in the agenda of your sales reps, so your sales team can focus on their sales pitch and the interaction with your endclient.

Successful examples of appointment scheduling

In many sectors, interest fluctuates depending on the seasons or certain events. For example, the Motor Show and the period surrounding it are the high season for the sale of new cars. Many car brands unveil special salon offers. But you don’t just buy a car, there‘s a whole decision-making process leading up to it. A vital step in that decision is trying it out. That’s why huge numbers of test drives have to be scheduled in the weeks after the Motor Show.

  • WEngage has the capacity it takes to efficiently plan all those test drives within a short timeframe. This can be done via access to your system, or we use internal systems according to the availability of the dealers. And we send a reminder the day before. So you only have to follow the schedule and give your best sales pitch to convince the candidates.

Appointment scheduling is crucial to ensure that consultations in the medical sector run smoothly. Not only do doctors have a busy schedule, patients also need to be able to free up the time. And because you work with people, there are sometimes unforeseen circumstances. A doctor who is called for an emergency, patients who cancel the appointment… All these unforeseen situations have to be resolved. With internal staff who also have to work the counter at the same time, this is virtually impossible.

  • Fortunately, WEngage has all the tools and technology in-house to ensure smooth appointment scheduling. The professional staff contact the patients personally via their desired communication channel and at the same time check whether their contact details are still correct. Patients receive confirmation and a reminder of their appointment, with instructions on how to adjust or cancel an appointment if necessary. The vacant spots will then be filled with other patients.

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