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How do you ensure high customer satisfaction, a great customer experience and NPS? Your service before, during and after a sale largely determines how satisfied your customers are.

WEtake care of your customers

WEngage takes care of all inbound & outbound customer care contacts, from troubleshooting and answering customer queries to taking orders and from after-sales to technical support through first- or secondline contact. We have the necessary capacity, knowledge and experience to take care of your customer service. We can even combine this with our on-, near- and offshore capabilities and in a variety of languages.

So YOU reap the rewards

A smooth customer journey reflects on the reputation of your brand. This in turn determines how likely your customers will be to purchase again from you, or recommend your offer to others. Investing in your customer satisfaction is investing in the future of your organisation.

Successful examples of customer support

Nowadays you can order and arrange almost everything online. Some companies focus 100% on online tools, but forget about a ‘human’ backup in case something goes wrong. Several major players in the retail sector, working with us, are therefore adopting a hybrid approach (people & technology) and really putting customer satisfaction at the heart of their business. It’s sometimes said that it takes ten positive customer reviews to offset the negative effect of one dissatisfied customer. That’s why these retailers work together with a professional customer service.

  • WEngage ensures that customers always find a sympathetic ear after an online order. A self-service menu takes them to the right customer service colleagues who ask specific questions to gain insight into the problem. This way, they can propose a solution that meets the customer’s needs.

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