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Nothing is perfect. Sometimes your products or services don’t work, or users don’t understand how to operate them. So how do you turn this problem into an opportunity?

WEprovide your technical support

WEngage manages your technical calls and has great experience with complex products and service questions. Our advisors help your customers or even your technical employees to solve the problem.

So YOU guarantee customer satisfaction

A quick, clear and empathetic solution contributes to your customer satisfaction despite a hiccup in the process. If needed, we also support your on-site technical staff to reduce your down time and any costs.

Successful examples of technical assistance

With the electrification of the vehicle fleet, more and more charging stations are being installed. But due to the multitude of electric cars and EV charging systems, it’s still not always possible to charge a car. This could be due to the access card, a problem with the car or the charging station itself. Of course, this is of little interest to a customer with an almost empty battery, who simply wants assistance, day and night.

  • WEngage is available 24 hours a day to assist EV customers by telephone. A technically skilled and friendly colleague calmly speaks to stressed users and carries out step-by-step troubleshooting. Depending on the problem, our expert proposes practical solutions, such as paying by the credit card as a one-off solution if the charging card does not work. Technical problems are immediately forwarded to the repair service so that the charging stations can be back in use as quickly as possible.

Technology evolves quickly. No problem, this technology player not only sells connected household appliances, it also wants to help people make optimal use of the products.

  • WEngage operates the chat function on the technology company’s website. Employees have fully mastered the technology and assist customers who do not know how to use the devices. Of course, there are a lot of tutorials online, but people need someone to guide them through support. This gives the company a positive reputation for being highly accessible and customers are very satisfied with their purchase. They are then likely to consider purchasing even more compatible devices from the range.

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