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Automate absence notifications and make schools & universities more efficient

Simple, Fast, and Personal

Why Automate the Registration of Absence or Sick Notifications?

Absence and sick notifications are a crucial part of the educational management. However, manual processes can be time-consuming and prone to errors. Automate absence notifications and make schools & universities more efficient. Our automated and personal solution makes reporting absence or illness simpler, faster, and more personalised.

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How Does the Automatic Absence Notification Work?


Notification via phone

Students (or their parents) and staff report their absence via a designated phone number of your choice.

Absence Assistant

Our smart bot collects all necessary information from the absentee in a personal manner.

Real-time Registration

The personal bot processes and registers the information in your chosen software and/or time-logging systems.

Automatic Notifications

The absence bot automatically sends a message to, for instance, a teacher or supervisor.

Proactive Approach

Our system detects unauthorized absences and proactively contacts students and staff who are still absent after their initial absence period. This helps prevent prolonged absence and promotes a timely return to the learning process. (Optional)

The advantages of automatically registering absence notifications

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100% Accessibility

Our system guarantees 100% accessibility, 24/7. Students and staff can report their absence at any time.

Efficient Handling

Sick notifications are handled more efficiently, allowing your administrative team to focus on more important tasks, such as guiding students, optimising the learning pathway, and improving education.

Cost Efficiency

Optimise costs through more efficient processes. Fewer administrative steps mean more focus on educational support.

Reduce Absenteeism

Proactive notifications prevent unreported absences and reduce absenteeism. This contributes to a healthier and more productive educational environment.

What Our Customers Say

WEngage, as a partner of Summa College, has proposed an improvement for our sick notification line to enhance our reachability. Over the past year, WEngage has helped us with the robotisation of our sick notification line. In addition to the excellent support and relief during the realisation and implementation, we can conclude after a few months of being "live" that our reachability and the accuracy of sick notification registrations are now 100%. We have experienced WEngage, and their subcontractors, as a flexible party who thinks along to achieve a suitable setup.
Ruud Meulendijks
Facility Manager
How can you benefit from the automatic registration of absence notifications?

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