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Welcome & nursing calls

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You don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression. Wow your new customers with a personal welcome. But don’t forget to pamper your faithful customers either.

WEmake your customers feel appreciated

WEngage calls your customers to welcome them, to thank them for their trust or to check if everything has gone according to their wishes. In the process, we collect any feedback they might have.

So YOU boost your reputation

Welcome and nursing calls show that you care about your customers, leaving them with a positive feeling about your brand and strengthening customer loyalty.

Successful examples of welcoming and nursing calls

Online stores have become indispensable. Consumers often no longer have any real contact with a company, except for the package ordered that is deposited in the letterbox. But a manufacturer of high-quality food wanted to strengthen ties with its online customer base.

  • The company joined forces with WEngage to call new online customers (after an initial order in the webshop). The purpose of the call was twofold. On the one hand, customers were personally thanked for their order and welcomed. In addition, they were asked how the order and delivery went, and whether they had any suggestions for improvement to help them even better. This welcome enhanced the perception of the brand’s quality, making customers more likely to reorder.

offer a whole range of services. Most customers tend to come to us for a specific insurance policy, without having seen the entire portfolio of services. A well-known insurer wanted to change that with a nursing call.

  • That was the perfect assignment to outsource to WEngage. The employees called customers on behalf of the insurer to inquire about their insurance needs. At the same time, they introduced them to the various insurance policies and procedures. They always ended the conversation with “Don’t hesitate to call if you have any questions.” The customers were impressed by the extra effort the insurer made to respond to their questions.

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