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Customer acquisition scaled

Are you looking to increase your sales results of your product or service in B2C or B2B, but you don’t have the skilled people or capacity to do so? Or do you just wish to transfer this task to an experienced partner with solid expertise, so you can focus on your core business?

WEboost your sales

Turn to WEngage to increase sales of your product or service. Our sales experts contact the people registered in your existing prospect database and make them an offer they won’t want to refuse.

So YOU reach your sales targets

This allows you to sell your products and services on a larger scale. Thanks to our cooperation, you will reach your sales targets and we can accommodate flexible working hours.

Successful examples of telesales

Energy prices are fluctuating wildly. At the same time, high inflation is making people much more careful with their money. An energy supplier wanted to respond to this with an affordable new formula. An advertising campaign about this is good, but a personal phone call explaining the benefits of the new rate is even better. And prospects who have been convinced can sign up immediately.

  • In the same period as the media campaign, WEngage called all subscribers of a newsletter with energy-saving tips to propose the energy supplier’s favourable new rate. They could then either register immediately or receive more information by email. This brought them one step closer to a possible purchase.


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