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The battle for customers, especially in competitive markets, is endless. You win some, and you lose some. But how do you win back former customers? 

WEconvince your former customers

Convincing customers to return to your brand usually requires more than just a better offer. It also involves empathy, listening and argumentation skills. Our advisors first establish a good rapport with your customers and neutralise any negative feelings towards your brand. Our experts reiterate the benefits of your services or products and explain what former customers are missing. A unique offer is the final trigger to win them back. 

So YOU get a second chance

Win-back interactions show that you care about your (former) customers and ensure that customers return. Moreover, you also gain valuable information about why they left. The perfect basis for a customer retention plan.

Successful examples of win-back calls

Subscriptions are the lifeblood of newspapers and magazines. They offer the publisher the certainty of a minimum print run to keep printing and delivery profitable. There is therefore great interest in retaining existing subscribers.

  • WEngage was called in for this purpose. The employees called all subscribers who did not accept the renewal offer before the subscription expired, to convince them. They could offer a discount or a free gift: a book on the theme of the magazine. Many former subscribers took part in this so that the numbers were kept up.

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