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Customer selection

Database enrichment

Is the data in your contact database outdated or incomplete? You’ll notice more and more emails bounce or campaigns not reaching the right people. This is inefficient and costly. WEcomplete your database We contact the people in your customer and / or prospect database (B2C / B2B) to check if their details are still correct, […]

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Lead generation

You have amazing products or services, but you are (still) looking for new leads to increase your sales results. You don’t want to blindly reach out to anyone and everyone, but you would like to target your efforts to promising prospects. WEgenerate qualified leads Based on your data, we figure out if people are potentially […]

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Does your organisation wants to find new customers or gain insights in the market? Our customer selection experts enrich your database with valuable information, conduct surveys with a specific target audience or get new qualified leads. These solutions not only give you valuable insights, they also increase your prospection base and improve sales results.

What exactly is customer selection?

Customer selection is a continuous process that determines which customer base your organisation wants to reach. Often companies serve all customers who respond to their marketing activities. But with tight margins or stiff competition, it can be useful to focus on the ‘best’ customers, who create a lot of value in exchange for a small investment. By contrast, you don’t want to waste time on less promising prospects.

WEngage helps you with lead generation and target group surveys so that you know who the promising prospects are. In addition, you can also rely on us to enrich and correct your database, so that you can easily contact the customers who match the desired profile.

The right target group at the right time

You can count on WEngage to get to know your target group(s) better, including through database enrichment. This knowledge will help you bring in new leads.

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