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Multi-channel customer care and sales support for banks and insurers

Banking Insurance scaled
Banking Insurance scaled

In the financial and insurance sector, online services are on the rise. You meet fewer and fewer clients in your agencies. So how do you build and maintain a good connection with your virtual clients? And make sure new clients choose your products/services over other offers?

A professional customer contact service makes the difference. It is vital to reach out to new prospects and to keep existing clients happy. WEngage delivers specialised multi-channel customer care and sales support for banks and insurers, including telesales, upselling and cross-selling.  we comply with the rules and regulations of your sector.

When you leave your customer contact services to WEngage, you benefit from its extensive experience in working for renowned commercial banks and insurance companies. You can focus on your products and services, while we take care of the connection with your clients and boost your sales and customer satisfaction.

But also, if you want to keep your customer service inhouse, WEngage supports you to make it more professional and efficient. Our consultants analyse your current services and KPIs in detail. They propose a development plan and professional tools to help your team perform better. Or insource some of our experts to work alongside your staff and share their experience.

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