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Call centre solutions for your customer contacts in a digital era

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Our world is becoming increasingly digital. In digital times, it’s more important than ever to put the customer first. Your customers expect a seamless experience, no matter what channel they use to contact your business. They just want to be helped quickly and efficiently. Call centres offer solutions for your customer contacts adapted to the (digital) needs and wishes of your target audience.

Challenges in the digital world

As a company, you face several challenges to meet the expectations of your customers:

  • Channel fragmentation: customers are increasingly using different channels to contact your customer service team. They use phone, email, chat, social media and self-service portals interchangeably, and they expect your customer service to follow suit. No one wants to re-explain their problem three times.
  • Increasing complexity: the products and services you offer are becoming increasingly complex due to digital possibilities. This also makes customer questions more complex. That’s why call centre agents need to know your products and services inside out.
  • 24/7 availability: the digital world never sleeps. Customers expect to be able to interact with your business 24/7, regardless of their location or time zone. A modern call centre provides digital answers to customers’ (urgent) questions around the clock.

Outsource your customer contacts to a professional call centre

Call centres specialise in customer contact solutions, regardless of the channels your customers use, the complexity of your services and the opening hours you desire. Customer service centres unburden your customer contacts so that you can focus on your company’s core business.

Outsourcing your customer contacts offers numerous advantages:

  • Improved efficiency: customer contact solutions increase the efficiency of your customer service. Call centres automate processes and ensure that the right agents have the right information at the right time. Thanks to digital information systems, your customers get professional help swiftly.
  • Access to expertise: call centres have the digital tools and expertise needed to take your customer service to the next level. The employees have extensive experience in dealing professionally with difficult customers or situations such as complaints, win-back calls, complex matters etc.
  • Increased customer satisfaction: effective (digital) customer contact solutions increase customer satisfaction because your customers get a faster and more efficient solution that suits their needs and wishes. Call centres monitor customer satisfaction so that their added value is crystal clear.
  • Scalable and flexible customer contact solutions: a call centre can easily shuffle agents around to accommodate peaks, and you can downscale again when the rush is over. If you outsource your customer contacts to a call centre, you don’t have to foresee recruitment and human resources yourself.
  • Relatively lower costs: leaving customer contact solutions to a specialised call centre is often cheaper (and above all more flexible) than hiring customer service employees yourself. Thanks to effective IT tools for customer contacts and the far-reaching automation of customer service, the number of FTEs required can be optimised.

A call centre: your partner for customer contact solutions

Call centres offer a wide range of digital customer contact solutions. They use their digital tools in a targeted way to help your customers quickly and effectively.

They offer a range of services, including:

  • Omnichannel customer service: call centres integrate all your customer contact channels (phone, email, chat, social media) into one high-performance platform. This gives them a 360° view of your customers, their needs and all previous contacts.
  • Flexible deployment: call centres scale with your needs. Whether you’re experiencing a spike in customer contacts or launching a new project, they’re there for you without you having to recruit contact agents yourself.
  • Human support: call centres have a team of experienced professionals who will talk to your customers with a smile, both on the phone and through digital channels.
  • Modern technologies: call centres use the latest technologies to optimise your customer service, such as chatbots, AI-driven solutions and self-service portals.
  • On top of things: thanks to IT solutions, you always have a transparent overview of the performance and results of the call centre and its employees.

WEngage: your call centre for customer satisfaction

Contact WEngage today and find out how we can take your customer service to the next level in these digital times!

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