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WEngage renews support to ILGA Europe

Woman celebrating LGBTQI+ Rights holding rainbow flag WEngage and ILGA Europe

Let’s end Pride Month on a great note. Indeed, WEngage is renewing its support to ILGA Europe, continuing to promote positive political, legal and social change for the LGBTQI+ community. After all, WEngage strongly believes in an inclusive work culture and equal opportunity policy. Read all about this partnership in this article.

A renewed partnership

For several years now, WEngage supports ILGA Europe. This organisation is committed to positive political, legal and social change for the LGBTI community in Europe & Central Asia. Together with the organisation, WEngage believes in a world where everyone can enjoy dignity, freedom and human rights, regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression and sex characteristics.

Why does WEngage choose ILGA Europe?

ILGA Europe unites the forces of more than 700 LGBTI organisations in 54 countries in Europe and Central Asia. The organisation reaches out to LGBTI movements, with a special focus on reaching activists who need it most. Besides financial support, the organisation also creates spaces for learning and sharing knowledge, including training on community organising, safety, welfare and campaigning, advocacy and monitoring of LGBTI-inclusive legislation and policies at the European level. In this way, the organisation constitutes the voice of the LGBTI movement at the highest levels of European institutions.

WEngage renews support to ILGA Europe: What does it mean?

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Achieving equality is about everybody playing their part, so we all can live our lives in freedom and safety. In many places across Europe LGBTI people are targeted with hate speech and violence and their human rights are being attacked. In this context it’s crucial to have strong allies across sectors pulling together to protect and advance LGBTI equality. We’re delighted that WEngage has renewed its support to ILGA-Europe, as part of its commitment to an inclusive working culture and advancing equality for all. The support from WEngage helps ILGA-Europe continue pushing for positive legal and policy change, and provide assistance to frontline LGBTI activists working across the region. Thank you to the WEngage team for lending your support as we work on the ground across Europe and Central Asia to build and support the LGBTI movement at a crucial time for so many of us
Anna Shepherd
Partnerships Manager

WEngage renews support for ILGA Europe and, through the partnership, collaborates on initiatives that strengthen the LGBTQI+ community in society. In doing so, WEngage also sets the example for values among its own employees and corporate culture. It is in this way that we continue to make a difference together!

Why choose WEngage?

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