Wengage Blue Logo

The story behind WEngage

WEngage logo

IPG, Call-IT and In2com, formerly grouped under Koramic2Engage, joined forces in WEngage to offer high-quality customer contact solutions, each with their unique strengths. 

The “WE” in our new name underlines the partnership and synergy between our organisations, colleagues, teams, business partners, end-customers, suppliers and all our stakeholders with whom we make connections. Together, WE ensure a positive customer experience! “Engage” is the link to Koramic2Engage and indicates our commitment, both to an enjoyable and inclusive work culture for each of us, as well as to achieving our clients’ goals: commitment, motivation, innovation and connectivity are our focal points. 

An overview of the logo

Just like a person, a company is also a living entity with well-defined character traits. For it to be distinctive and unforgettable, a company’s identity should be perfectly represented by its image. Our new logo has a captivating and contemporary design. It represents the modernity of our organisation and employees, as well as our technological offer. The hyphened ‘W’ visually represents synergies and connections. The blue colours stand for our strength and integrity, while the roundness of the letters adds a touch of warmth.

A baseline that goes straight to the point

Our baseline explains precisely what WEngage stands for. But it is also the common denominator of the various companies that join forces and write a new story together. 

  “Together for better connections” refers to the synergy and cooperation between each other, but also between our people and the technology that characterises our sector. The aim of our common efforts is to build better connections between our employees, clients, end-customers and all our stakeholders.