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Office in the spotlight: WEngage Suriname

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Last year, WEngage, market leader in customer contact in Belgium, opened its new branch in Paramaribo, Suriname. In this article, we highlight this office and let you discover this state-of-the art branche in Suriname.

Responding to market needs

The contact centre industry faces many challenges. Customer expectations are evolving, there is great pressure for technological developments and external circumstances such as high inflation have a major impact. Working as one company since the beginning of 2023, WEngage improved its services and increased their efficiency. We also took a further step in our growth strategy by expanding our offshore offering, through a new branch in Suriname. This development increased the organisation’s strength and offering, which thus further enhanced its ability to meet client demands.

WEngage and its international expertise

As an experienced player in the contact centre market (market leader in Belgium with more than 375 clients in various sectors), WEngage has developed a successful and unique expertise in customer contact that enables us to create an interplay around ways of working, systems and the right people. It is this unique way of working that we manage uniformly, with attention to national emphases, across all our branches. The Paramaribo branch is run by local management, supported by a team of international WEngage experts. In this way, we combine the strengths of local management and international expertise.

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WEngage is above all a real people company and embraces the strengths of each culture to create synergies. In addition to its local position in Belgium and the Netherlands, WEngage already set up its own office in Rabat, Morocco in 2012 and created a strong international network (Turkey, Slovenia, …). With WEngage Paramaribo, Suriname, we strengthen our international offering of customer interaction services even further.

WEngage Suriname

WEngage Suriname, in Paramaribo, offers a premium offshore offering of strong customer contact services interwoven with a strong team with the necessary sense of quality. Employees receive continuous training and have a hands-on mentality. Important assets that strengthen the service offering.

WEngage Suriname is located in a state-of-the art office in the heart of Paramaribo where an inspiring environment was created for our employees. Moreover, as in all our offices, a lot of attention is paid to stable and high-quality communication technology and customer service tools to allow employees to work smoothly and to guarantee fast, reliable and first-class support in all customer interactions.

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About 70% of the Surinamese population has Dutch as their mother tongue. An important factor for handling high-quality Dutch-language volumes of spoken and written customer contacts, but other languages are certainly also a possibility. 

Thanks to the establishment in Suriname, WEngage can even better meet the demands of its (current and future) clients across time zones and strengthen its prominent position within the customer contact sector both locally and abroad. Only in this way can we create even better connections together.

About WEngage
WEngage employs 3,500 people in the contact centre industry. WEngage International has subsidiaries in Belgium (WEngage NV/SA), the Netherlands (WEngage BV), Morocco (WEngage SARL), Suriname (WEngage NV) and is part of the Koramic group. With an offering of customer contact services enhanced by experienced employees, certified processes and high-quality technology, the organisation occupies a unique position within the customer contact sector. This is why its baseline reads: Together for better connections.

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